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Whole Solutions: Warpwire's Integration with ZoomWarpwire's Integration with Zoom

Capture and Insert media in Canvas

To capture media and then insert it, go to the desired area within Canvas (e.g. create an announcement, message, forum post, or assignment).

Within the text editor, click the Warpwire icon Small Warpwire Icon. A Warpwire interface window will open as a popup, displaying the contents of the Media Library for your course.

Assignment page, rich text editor

Click the Add Media button (a plus sign) in the upper right of the window.

Next, select "Camera Capture" from the drop down menu.

Warpwire Media Library popup pane, 'Camera Capture' selected

Select the desired camera, microphone, and video resolution, then click the round video camera button to begin recording.

Camera Capture interface for preview and selecting inputs

The button will turn red, with a square in the middle, indicating video recording has begun. Record your video, then click the stop record button Red square stop button when you're finished.

After recording, you'll have the opportunity to give the file a Title before uploading. Once you've named the recording, click "Save Recording."

Completed recording with user input title field and 'Confirm' button

You'll be able to watch the upload progress bar as your file uploads. Once uploaded and processed, it will appear in the list of media files in your course Media Library.

Once complete, click the filename to insert it.

Recorded file visible in the Warpwire Media Library popup

You also have an option to edit the Media Embed Settings prior to insertion. Simply click on the three-dot icon within the bottom insert button to view and change the settings.

Media Embed Settings within Canvas

Below, see the inserted media — inserted at scale so that you can build your post around the video file.

Recorded video embedded in Canvas text editor

Below, you can see an inserted video when published.

Recorded video on published assignment page within Canvas

See also: Turn on Warpwire for your course and Upload and Insert Media.

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