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Warpwire allows Media Library admins and asset owners to add metadata to their content. Multiple Metadata Profiles are supported, including the Dubin Core standard. You can access and edit metadata by navigating to the Settings window for an asset or Media Library. Any asset or Media Library can have multiple Metadata Profiles attached.

In this example, we will add metadata to an asset. Access the Settings window by clicking the Media options icon Three dots icon next to the title, then click "Settings."

Media options dropdown menu within the Warpwire media library

You'll see the "Metadata Profiles" heading about halfway down the window. If any profiles already exist for the asset or Media Library, you'll see them listed. Otherwise you'll see "No profiles set."

To add a new Metadata Profile, click the "Add Profile" button on the right.

Media options pane allowing user to add a new Metadata Profile

You'll be able to select your desired profile from the Metadata Profiles drop-down menu, then begin filling in metadata information.

Metadata profile options dropdown menu

You can tab navigate between the profile's fields and can type-to-search for any field with a controlled vocabulary (i.e. a limited collection of predefined terms).

Metadata category dropdown with categories listed

If a field has an asterisk (*) it's a required part of the profile.

Many fields are not limited to a single response. If a field allows multiple entries, you'll see an "Add another" link underneath the text area for that field. For example, an asset may have more than one creator or subject.

Metadata fields, showing two Subject/Keywords

If you'd like to remove an entry for a given field, click the round icon with X in the center icon on the right.

Metadata field showing X (delete) icon on the right

Click "Save" at the bottom of the window when you're done. If there are any errors you'll be notified.

Otherwise your Metadata Profile will be saved.

See also: Dublin Core Standard and Podcast Metadata.

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