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Gradebook in Moodle

Users have the option to enable the Gradebook integration in Moodle once the Activity has been installed. If you have yet to install the Activity, read this step-by-step Support Guide to install the Activity.

Embed a Graded Warpwire Video

Once the Activity has been installed, click on the course where you wish to add the graded Activity.

Click on the Course where you wish to embed a graded video.

Make sure editing has been turned on. Scroll down to the Topic where you would like to embed the graded content. Once you get there, click the link to add an activity or resource.

Make sure editing is turned on and then add an activity.

In the "Add an activity or resource" menu, scroll down and click your new activity/resource. For this example, we've named the grading activity, "Warpwire Graded Activity".

Select the Warpwire Activity from the activity and resource menu in Moodle.

On the "Adding a new External tool to Advanced Speaking" page, click "Select content" below "General".

Select content link under General in Moodle.

From here, you can upload or capture new media into Warpwire, or add existing content from one of your Media Libraries. For this example, we will use an existing video from one of our Media Libraries. Note that you may only embed one graded activity at a time.

Select the content you would like to embed into your lesson. Then, click the three-dots button.

Click the three-dots menu to add the Gradebook function in Moodle.

Under the Media Embed Settings menu, you'll see an option for Graded Activity. Check the box next to "Graded Activity". Then click the blue "Save Embed Settings" button and insert your media into the lesson.

Check the Gradebook box and then save your new Embed Settings.

As students/viewers watch this video, Warpwire will send back the percentage of new video content that a student has watched. Warpwire will only count newly watched sections of a video as additional points. Rewatched sections are not counted as additional points. The instructor will have the option to decide how much of content watched is marked as a completion. Warpwire recommends any percentage above 90% to be marked as complete.

View how much of a video your student has watched with Warpwire's new gradebook tool for Moodle.

Troubleshooting Guide

There are a few things you can do if Gradebook is not working in your Moodle Instance.

First, make sure that the Gradebook activity has been installed. If Gradebook has not yet been installed, you can use our step-by-step Support Guide to help you set it up.

First, make sure that before you embed your Warpwire video, the box next to "Graded Activity" has been checked.

Check the Gradebook box and then save your new Embed Settings.

If you are still not seeing grades being sent back, make sure that the Gradebook activity was set up correctly. To do this, navigate to the External tool configuration page. Scroll down to Privacy and make sure that all answers in the box read "Always".

Note that only student grades are submitted. Grades will not be submitted if the viewer is not a student.

Make sure that answers in the Privacy settings read Always.

See also: Turn on Warpwire for your course in Moodle, Upload and Insert Media in Moodle and Capture and Insert Media in Moodle.

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