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A New Phase for Warpwire in 2021

Universally Configure the Sakai Plugin for your Entire Instance

This guide will walk you through configuring the Warpwire plugin within Sakai, so that it is available for all sites

  1. Login to Sakai as the admin user
  2. Navigate to the 'Administrative Workspace'
  3. admin workspace in Sakai
  4. Click 'External Tools' in the left column navigation menu
  5. Sakai external tools menu
  6. Click the 'Install LTI 1.1 Tool' text link on the far right of the page
  7. Fill out the External Tool fields as follows:
    • Site Id (Leave blank to make tool available in all sites)__ = Leave Blank
    • Tool Title (Above the tool)__ = Warpwire
    • Allow tool title to be changed__ = Allow
    • Choose a custom icon (leave empty to use the default icon)__ = leave empty
    • Button Text (Text in tool menu)__ = Warpwire
    • Allow button text to be changed__ = Do not allow
    • Description__ = leave blank
    • Tool Status__ = Enabled
    • Tool Visibility__ = Visible
    • Launch URL__ = https://[YOUR_DOMAIN] (For example, if your Warpwire site is located at:", your [YOUR-WARPWIRE-URL] would be "".)(Note: this has changed from previous versions, be sure to include the x and the trailing slash!)
    • Allow launch URL to be changed__ = Allow
    • Launch Key__ = this will be provided by Warpwire
    • Allow launch Key to be changed__ = Do not allow
    • Launch Secret__ = this will be provided by Warpwire
    • Allow launch secret to be changed__ = Do not allow
    • Frame Height__ = leave blank
    • Tool Order (Only valid for tools placed in all sites)__ = leave blank
    • Allow frame height to be changed__ = Allow
    • Configuration dialog when tool is selected__ = Bypass configuration dialog
    • Privacy settings__ = check both boxes
    • Services__ = check the following:
      • 'Allow External Tool to return grades,'
      • 'Provide roster to external tool,'
      • 'Allow External Tool to store settings data'
    • Indicate the following types of Content Item Selection launches this tool can handle [...]__ = Select the first three boxes:
      • 'Allow the tool to be launched as a link (this is typically true for most tools),'
      • 'Allow external tool to configure itself (the tool must support the IMS Content-Item message),'
      • 'Allow the tool to be used from the rich text content editor to select contenet (the tool must support the IMS Content-Item message)
    • Launch in Popup__ = Never launch in Popup
    • Debug Launch__ = Never launch in debug mode
    • Custom Parameters__ = leave blank
    • SHA-256 Signature Support__ = Sign Launch with SHA-256
    • LTI 1.3 Support__ = Tool does not support LTI 1.3
    • lti13_settings__ = leave blank
    • Splash Screen__ = Leave blank
  8. Hit "Save"

Here are screenshots of what the interface looks like in Sakai 12, for reference:

First of three images of the above process in Sakai Second of three images of the above process in Sakai Third of three images of the above process in Sakai

Next Steps

Once the Warpwire plugin has been installed at the instance-wide Administration Workspace level, instructors can turn the tool on for any given course.

See also: Warpwire's Sakai Login Script and Turn on Warpwire for your course in Sakai.

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