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Warpwire Permissions

The following chart outlines specific user types and the features available to them:

Features Owner Admin User* Contributor**
Upload to Media Library y y n y
Download Asset*** y y y/n y/n
Sort & Find y y y y
Share Asset y y y y
Create new Media Library y y y y
Edit Media Info y y n n
Edit Media Library Info y y n n
Batch Edit Mode y y n n
Delete Asset y y n n
Add Closed Captions y y n n
Tag Asset y y n n
Copy Asset to another Library y y n n
Institutional & Public Sharing y y n n
Content Moderation y y n n
Delete Media Library y y n n
View Analytics y y n n
Change owner of Asset y n n n
See "Hidden" asset y y URL or embed only URL or embed only

* If a User or Contributor creates a new Media Library or uploads/creates an asset, they are the Owner of that library/asset and has full access to all the associated Features.

** A Contributor is a User who has been granted Add Media (upload) access to a Media Library by an Owner or Admin of that library.

*** Institutional administrators can request the download be toggled on or off for their institution. This setting occurs at the institutional level.

See also: Share Tagged Media Playlist Ways to Share, Share with the Public and Share with your entire Institution.

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