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Install the Warpwire LTI Tool in Blackboard

Add Warpwire LTI Tool to Blackboard

In order to make best use of Warpwire within your Blackboard instance, you'll need to add the Warpwire LTI tool to Blackboard. Follow the following instructions to get the plugin installed.

  • Navigate to "System Admin"
  • Blackboard's Administator Panel landing page
  • Click "LTI Tool Providers" under the 'Integrations' heading
  • View of all LTI Tool Providers, within Blackboard
  • Click the "Register Provider Domain" button
  • Blackboard form to register new Provider Domain
  • Set the Provider Domain to: [YOUR URL]
  • Provider Domain Status should be set to "Approved"
  • Default Configuration should be set to "Set Globally"
  • The Tool Provider Key and Secret will be provided by Warpwire
  • Text fields to supply default configuration options for provider domain configuration
  • Send User Data should be set to "Send user data only over SSL"
  • Check all three boxes for User Fields to Send (Role in Course, Name, and Email Address)
  • Allow Membership Service Access should be set to "Yes"
  • Text fields to define institutional policies for provider domain
  • Click Submit

Manage Placements

  • Back on the LTI Tool Providers page, scroll down to [YOUR URL]
  • Hover over the small arrow to the right and select "Manage Placements"
  • System admin view, Manage Placements selected from dropdown hover menu
  • Click "Create Placement" - You'll be making two placements: one for the course tool and one for the deep linking plugin
  • Blackboard's Manage Placement landing page
  • Label the first placement Warpwire and fill out as follows:
    Handle:  wwtool
    Type:  Course Tool, then select "Student"
    Tool Provider URL:  https://[YOUR URL]
  • Placement label field populated with wwtool Create Placement page, text field to provide URL for placement
  • Label the second placement Warpwire Media and fill out as follows:
    Handle:  wwmedia
    Type:  Course Content Tool, then select "Supports Deep Linking"
    Tool Provider URL:  https://[YOUR URL]
  • Placement label field populated with wwvid Text field to provide URL for placement
  • When you're finished, the manage placements page should look like the screenshot below:
  • List of placements for Warpwire blackboard-lti-tool-providers

See also: Add the Warpwire Tool to a Blackboard Course.

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