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Copy a Moodle Course

You may have a course in Moodle that you wish to reuse in a subsequent term or semester. You can do this by copying the Moodle course. As part of the standard Moodle course replication process the Warpwire videos embedded within the course will be copied and automatically shared with the members of the new course.

Backup the Course

First, navigate to the Moodle course you wish to copy.

Next, navigate to the "Backup" page within Course Administration.

Navigate to course administration Navigate to backup

On the 'Initial Settings' page, check the boxes of all the content you would like to make part of the backup. (For new sections of a previously taught course, you might check all boxes except 'Include Enrolled Users'). Then, click "Next."

Moodle course backup page: initial backup settings

On the 'Schema Settings' page, leave all boxes checked, then click "Next."

Moodle course backup page: schema settings

Confirm and review your choice, then click "Perform Backup."

Moodle course backup page: review

You'll see a confirmation message. Click "Continue" and you'll be brought to the 'Restore Course' page. The 'Restore Course' page shows all existing backups.

Moodle course backup page: backup complete

Restore to a New Course

If you are not already there, within Course Administration, go to the 'Restore' page.

Click restore to continue to the restore course page

Click the 'Restore' link to the far right the name of the course you backed up and wish to copy.

Moodle course backup page: backup complete

In the section below "Course backup area" select the course you would like to restore. You can either download the course onto your computer and then upload it in the "Import a backup file" below, or simply click the 'Restore' link.

Moodle course restoration page: review details

Review the details, then click "Continue".

Moodle course review continue to next page

You can now decide how to perform the restoration. You can:

  1. Restore as a new course
  2. Restore into this course
  3. Restore to an existing course you've already made

If you already have a course shell, under the 'Restore into an existing course' subheading, find the course shell's name and click the radio button next to it and press "Continue."

Moodle course restoration page: restore to existing course option

Otherwise, select the category for the new course and press "Continue."

Moodle course restoration page: user new course option

In either case, review the settings, then click "Next."

'Restore settings' page with list of restore settings for user review

Review the Schema, then click "Next" - note that you'll want to make sure you give the copied course an appropriate name, short name, and start date.

Page to review selected course restoration settings

Review all of the settings, then click "Perform Restore."

Page to review backup settings and perform course restoration

You'll see a confirmation message. Click "Continue" and you'll be brought to the the new course page.

Page confirming course restoration

See also: Upload and Insert Media in Moodle and Capture and Insert Media in Moodle.

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