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Capture Beta: Warpwire's Newest Capture Tool

April 25, 2020

Warpwire story banner showing the four screens of Capture Beta. Warpwire story banner showing the four screens of Capture Beta.

In these extraordinary times, we hope this finds you and your family well and healthy. Like many, the Warpwire team has been living from one Zoom meeting to the next, feeling fortunate to have the ability to work at all during this challenging period.

Amidst it all, we've continued innovating and are excited to share the latest iteration of our in-browser capture tools. For now, we're calling this new version Capture Beta, as it's all fresh and new, and well, Beta.

Screenshot of Warpwire's new Capture Beta tool in the menu.

With Capture Beta, and depending on computer specifications, Warpwire users can now capture up to 4 different video sources during one recording session! From 2 cameras and 2 screens, 1 camera and 3 screens, or 1 camera and 1 screen, the capture possibilities are endless. Users will also enjoy a more robust and reliable capture experience overall.

Screenshots of the Warpwire Capture Beta tool in a series.

Along with this improved reliability, we've built into Capture Beta's core functionality a recovery mechanism. This is just in case, for whatever reason (like flaky Internet), the recording session doesn't make it to the Warpwire servers, but is still located on the capture device. We believe browser-based capture is the future and we are keeping Warpwire's tools up-to-date with the latest web browser standards and capabilities.

Screenshot of Warpwire's new Capture Beta tool on the Capture Recovery page.

Since Capture Beta's launch, we've had a few customers report back to our team with their thoughts. Here's one from Martin Ramsay at the LAMP Consortium:

"Another innovative tool from the scary-crazy minds of the Warpwire geniuses! (And yes, you can quote me on that.)"
- Martin Ramsay

Thank you, Martin! That one put a smile on our faces. 😀

To learn even more details about Capture Beta, read our Support Guide. If your team is using or has used Warpwire Capture Beta, we welcome your feedback during this time, as it will only help us further improve Warpwire's ever-evolving capture technologies.