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Symphony Technology Group Acquires Warpwire, Leading Provider of Educational Video Services

November 19, 2020

Warpwire marks STG's third investment into a unified platform following the acquisitions of CadmiumCD and EthosCE earlier this year.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Symphony Technology Group ("STG"), a Palo Alto-based private equity firm focused on investing in the software, data analytics, and software-enabled technology services sectors, today announced that it has acquired Warpwire, a Durham, North Carolina-based educational video management company.

"Warpwire focuses on providing world-class reliability and security to our customers. Our partnership with STG will only increase our capabilities for robust video delivery," said Warpwire co-founder and CTO Monte Evans.

This acquisition underscores STG's commitment to building a unique, market-leading software platform offering continuing education, professional development, events, learning and content management solutions to associations, healthcare & life sciences organizations, hospitals, and universities globally. Warpwire marks STG's third investment in this platform following the acquisitions of CadmiumCD and EthosCE earlier this year.

"The acquisitions of EthosCE, CadmiumCD, and now Warpwire, are the continuation of STG's vision of a unified technology platform for professional education," said William Chisholm, co-founder and Managing Partner of STG.

We're impressed with STG's research in this product space, and vision to join and strengthen like-minded teams. As we align with EthosCE and CadmiumCD, Warpwire is energized to continue creating compelling media solutions for our shared client base," adds Warpwire co-founder and COO Andrew Synowiez.

This acquisition is another step toward STG's vision to create a purpose-built software platform for association, healthcare, life sciences and university customers to help them manage various continuing education, professional development and learning activities through events and online content for their members.

"We released an integration with Warpwire in March 2018," said EthosCE founder and CTO Ezra Wolfe. "We look forward to offering Warpwire's video services in new and unique ways as an additional value-add for clients who use video content as part of their continuing education programs."

"We are very excited to bring Warpwire into our expanding portfolio of industry-leading products and scale it even further by investing in new solution areas and complementary acquisitions," said Rushi Kulkarni, Principal at STG.

Benefits of the expanded platform include:

  • Trackable video content and learner usage metrics
  • Low-cost video hosting for continuing education programs
  • Secure video delivery inside a password-protected continuing education environment
  • Ad-free video player environment for CME
  • Multi-camera video recording and playback
  • Multiple closed caption provider options, and manual video captions

A 5-minute demo of the Warpwire integration with EthosCE is available on the Warpwire platform.

About Warpwire

Warpwire is a video delivery platform for leading enterprise and educational institutions whose users require a secure, simple, and reliable system for hosting media content. Founded in 2013, Warpwire's team has extensive experience custom-integrating media technologies for learning environments in ways that are accessible, flexible, and collaborative.

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About EthosCE

EthosCE is the leading learning management system for medical associations, universities, health systems, and medical education companies. EthosCE is produced by DLC Solutions, LLC. Established in 2001, DLC Solutions develops innovative e-learning solutions to support diverse professional populations.

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About CadmiumCD

CadmiumCD is an event management software company with more than 15 years of experience providing solutions for Meeting Planners, Exhibition Organizers, Education Directors, and Attendees. The company's award-winning platform is trusted by more than 3,500 meeting professionals worldwide to collect, manage and share content to all event stakeholders.

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About Symphony Technology Group

STG is the private equity partner to market leading companies in data, software, and analytics. The firm brings expertise, flexibility, and resources to build strategic value and unlock the potential of innovative companies. Partnering to build customer-centric, market winning portfolio companies, STG creates sustainable foundations for growth that bring value to all existing and future stakeholders. The firm is dedicated to transforming and building outstanding technology companies in partnership with world class management teams. STG's expansive portfolio has consisted of more than 30 global companies.

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