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How Johnson University Uses Warpwire to Improve Learning

June 8, 2016

Dave Eveland works at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN as an instructional designer and instructor. He shared ways in which Warpwire has improved learning at Johnson University.

Johnson University's two campuses in Tennessee and Florida, along with their international online program, serve around 1000 students.

With such a strong distance education presence, they knew that it was important to find a video provider that fit their needs. Warpwire's integration with the tools they already used, along with the flexible pricing model for bandwidth and storage, was a good fit for Johnson. "It worked within what we were willing to spend and what we were trying to get," Eveland said.

Keeping in touch with their students — all across the globe — is an important part of Johnson's mission. Eveland notes that:

"A lot of our online courses reach students not here in the United States, so it's very important for them to be able to get access to that content and in a way that's not simply PowerPoint slides or text."

They needed a way to get their video content to all of their students, simply and reliably. Warpwire's seamless integration with Sakai made this possible.

One of the biggest features that Dave, and other instructors at Johnson, found useful was the analytic reports and Reporting API that Warpwire provides. Feedback and accountability are important components of web-based education.

Dave Eveland presenting about Warpwire

"They don't have to necessarily ask quiz questions every time" says Eveland, "and we can find out, and recommend to those instructors, do they need to improve their content or adjust it somehow?" Warpwire metrics make it easy to find out what's working and what isn't.

Dave harnesses the power of video to create alternative assignments for his students. To keep students engaged, and to harness the power of the technology they already carry in their pockets, Eveland has his students "do short field trips and record summaries instead of having them write papers." Warpwire's easy to use system allows his students to record, upload, and share videos from their phone, tablet, or laptop.