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A New Phase for Warpwire in 2021

February 12, 2021

Warpwire team joining Symphony Technology Group.

Big things are happening in 2021 and beyond! Like so many, the Warpwire team is amazed that it's been nearly a year of hopping on and off Zoom calls during the throes of a global pandemic. Our chief wish is that all of you, your colleagues, family, and communities are healthy and getting the support you need to survive and thrive. Along the way, we hope to continue providing the infrastructure and innovation your users need to optimize secure, reliable, and collaborative education through video.

We're chiming in now to update you about new horizons for Warpwire, and what it means for our client partners.

Warpwire Acquisition—Why and How

At the end of 2020, Warpwire was acquired by Symphony Technology Group (STG), a Palo Alto, California based investment firm focused on software-enabled technology services. With the acquisition of multiple partners including Warpwire, EthosCE, and CadmiumCD, STG's vision is a market-leading software platform for learning and content management, events for continuing education and professional development, and integrated solutions for universities, professional associations, hospitals, healthcare and life sciences organizations globally.

...In other words, this opportunity is to continue and scale up exactly what Warpwire loves to do! We joined knowing that within this group of STG collaborators, Warpwire will be a core technology component for video across each setting.

Specifically, building on a years-long, trusted partnership with EthosCE—through whom Warpwire already shared 20 customers in Continuing Medical Education—our teams joined CadmiumCD, which provides software solutions for large-scale meeting planners, exhibition organizers, and education directors. With this fusion, Warpwire has instant access to hundreds more enterprise customers, where we can quickly integrate into existing systems to have automatic impact on video content delivery where it matters most.

What Does this Mean for Existing Warpwire Clients?

Warpwire's current client partners will continue to get everything they love about Warpwire in 2021 and beyond, from our seamlessly integrated video technologies to security and responsive support. Just as over the last seven years, our collaborative relationship with customers will continue each step of the way.

Warpwire co-founder Andrew Synowiez clarifies, "For Warpwire, this acquisition means improved resources and a larger team of talented engineers, designers, and support staff as we grow our offerings. Increased stability and an ever-expanding customer base mean more creativity, supportive scaffolding for our robust features, and breathing room to more quickly achieve innovations we've been eager to implement for our clients."

Last year, Warpwire launched our Multi-Source Capture and Playback feature sets, an even deeper integration with Zoom's web conferencing software, and our own in-house closed captioning. As we continue evolving in 2021, the Warpwire team is also focusing our efforts on opening up more direct, easy access to individuals and small institutions who manage and distribute secure video content within their communities. Over the next few months, stay tuned for an updated Warpwire website with direct-to-consumer options!

What's on the horizon for Warpwire as we lean into the STG acquisition.

As We Move Forward

At Warpwire, we pride ourselves on our integrity and transparency in everything from who we are as a team to how our software growth is going. Honestly, getting client feedback on what's working or not, and envisioning new solutions for client use-cases has always been the reason for our most meaningful features and developments. Warpwire unabashedly brings this open approach to relationships and to on-the-ground problem solving to our new entity.

As always, please reach out to our team with any questions or ideas you have—we love hearing from you and can' wait to journey on the (recently augmented!) adventures ahead.