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A New Phase for Warpwire in 2021

Our Leadership Team

  • Monte smiling

    Monte Evans
    Technical Vision and Security

    Monte is who we look to for Warpwire's technical vision and strategy. He's guided by a passion to design innovative and comprehensively built products that embrace consistency. In his free time, Monte is an avid baker and our office couldn't be more thrilled about it.

  • Andrew holding a plant

    Andrew Synowiez
    Product Strategy and Creative

    Andrew leads product strategy, interface design and client acquisition for Warpwire. He helps our team translate technical requirements into intuitive, user-oriented solutions. When not in the office, Andrew's usually swimming in a pool, playing pool or biking around Durham.

  • Joel holding a phone

    Joel Feiner
    Infrastructure and Full-Stack Development

    Joel manages infrastructure and does full-stack development for Warpwire. Thanks to Joel, our internal and external processes are smooth sailing. He also relishes his inner nerd, which comes in handy when we have questions about merge requests and weather reports.

  • Jeannine holding a plant

    Jeannine Erasmus
    Marketing and Creative

    Jeannine works closely with the team to translate very technical processes into stories people can understand and connect with. She loves to doodle, host dinner parties and is never without coffee in hand (except that one time she held up a plant for a photo).

  • Matt with a picture behind

    Matthew Hein
    Product Strategy and Business Development

    Matt brings a level of understanding to the product that resonates with our clients. He's keenly aware of user workflows and helps lead the team in both communication and product design. When he's not reaching out to our users, you can usually find him on the side of a mountain or putting way too much thought into cinema and storytelling.

  • Black and white photograph of Walter Daniels, Warpwire advisor

    Walter Daniels
    General Counsel and Strategic Advisor

    Walter Daniels serves as general counsel for Warpwire through his law firm, Daniels & Daniels, P.A. He is Chairman of the Statewide Advisory Board of the NC Small Business and Technology Development Center and a founding member of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development.

  • Black and white photograph of Margaret McNab, Warpwire advisor

    Margaret McNab
    Strategic Advisor

    Margaret advises Warpwire on culture and values-driven leadership. A veteran marketer and business leader with a decade of experience in helping good companies earn great success, Margaret considers integrity and authenticity to be the two critical drivers of sustainable growth.

  • Black and white photograph of Andy Seamans, Warpwire advisor

    Andy Seamans
    Strategic Advisor

    Advising Warpwire on long-term growth strategy, Andy has over 20 years of experience evaluating complex investment opportunities in the Pharmaceutical and restaurant industries. In the past, Andy has served as CFO at Rise Biscuits & Donuts and as Director of Portfolio Analytics at GlaxoSmithKline PLC.