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Whole Solutions: Warpwire's Integration with ZoomWarpwire's Integration with Zoom

Adding the Warpwire resource to your Moodle 3 Course

Within Moodle, you can insert the Warpwire resource wherever you like. When the resulting Warpwire link is clicked, you'll be taken to the full Warpwire application within Moodle, where you can record, upload, tag, share, and edit audio and video files.

First, click the "Add an activity or resource" link on the part of the page where you'd like to add the Warpwire resource link. Then select Warpwire from the options on the left.

'Add an activity or resource' window within Moodle, Warpwire selected

Click "Add." You'll then see the Warpwire link in the part of the course you selected. Click the link to navigate to the full Warpwire application within Moodle.

Course page within Moodle, with option to access the full Warpwire application within Moodle=

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